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A volunteer rescuer’s love and fear BR – remember the seventh national moral model, Wang Aidong, the captain of the Yellow River Water Volunteer Rescue Team of Suqian City, Jiangsu Province

  The picture shows Wang Aidong information [Moral Model Guangming Pressenant] People say that Wang Aidong is not old. More than ten years ago, the colleagues of the procuratorate, the railway soldiers in more than 30 years ago, there were more wrinkles on the face, and some two have added white hair.

Can Wang Aidong or the king of Wang Aidong, Odd, 63 years old, but has a 36-year-old spirit. In 2009, Wang Aidong, the prosecutor Wang Ai, who was more than five years, returned to the second line due to heart disease. An end of a career, a new life opens.

  Pure, persistent, brave, wearing a light blue uniform shirt, looking forward to the 12th year of the Yellow River Water volunteer rescue team, Wang Aidong smiled shallow.

No one can’t see it. This person has left the number before the ghost door, and the heart that is jumped in the chest is likely to "strike". One person, how strong is it, in order 13 years, on the one day, stick to the ancient Yellow River of Suqian City, live in the winter-cold summer hot iron moving plate room, 24 hours a walk, a walkie-talkie, one Bottle speed is saved, no matter whether it is dark night, sunny, winter, time, always prepare run, diving, save people.

  One person, how much courage can be rushed again and again, participate in emergency rescue more than 600, saving more than 200 fresh life; in the face of the death warning of the doctor repeatedly, he is not retired, 7 times were sent to the rescue room, and I was injured many times. I also wrote 7 seals.

  People are always taboo to talk to death, and Wang Aidong is not afraid. Not long ago, he was sincerely said in an interview with a reporter: "I will never regret, I will have no one needs to help, I will …" After the captain, there is only a swimming "Guardian Wang Aidong" This is his WeChat name.

Open the friend circle of Wang Aidong, look at it, the forwarding of the copy is full of exclamation, there is a kind of enthusiasm, just like him, as if it is always a breath, there is a hard work.

  Energetic Wang Aidong, there are many hobbies. He loves swimming, loves to play tennis, loves chess, love calligraphy … You can come from Wang Aidong to set up the Yellow River Water Volunteer Rescue Team, and since the captain, there has been only swimming in love. Suqian City, the ancient Yellow River wear the city. Water, it has bred life, also hidden 新茶嫩茶微信上海 with a risk of universal insurance – before 2008, there are three or forty days of falling water accidents here, and there is also a semester. Wang Aidong loves to talk, his words are really awkward. "I saw someone falling water, my heart is like being fried on the oil pan.

"Wang Aidong said emotionally," I want to save people, think everyone can live well. "On June 3, 2010, there were people near the Huanghe No. 1 Bridge in Suqian City. Wang Aidong drove the speedboat before driving the speedboat. Different the position of the water, Wang Aidong sneaked into the water. Soon, Wang Aidong’s heart is difficult to support. With the hard swimming skill, he took advantage of his efforts to float the water. After eating a few quick effects, he turned and sneaked into the water … this time, the dead god came to knock, after four and a half hours, Wang 上海开油压店 Aidong Back to a life. On March 6th, 2013, some people fall water, the past people are seen, there are 5 people to dive, unfortunately, people have not rescued, rescuers are trapped. Wang Aidong led the team After desperately rescued 4 people, I didn’t have time to breathe – "There is still a person underwater! "Only the people shouted, Wang Aidong is in his heart, and you must not be wet and cold, the waist is painful, and continue to search.

After a few hours, the last rescuer Zhang Sen’s body was found. Wang Ai Dong’s body is sinking and completely lost awareness. Wang Aidong’s rescue is 43 days, and it was finally horrified.

However, every time I think of Zhang Sen’s young life is 27 years old, Wang Aidong is always sad.

  Lying in the hospital bed, Wang Aidong’s brain running – the rescue team will change! To be more specialized,上海徐汇区洗浴中心多少钱 there must be a systematic working method, whether he is inherent, it is necessary to continue to develop healthily. I am afraid, but he is even more afraid. "You don’t know if you are afraid?" After listening to a few stories that he ran with the dead god, the reporter asked directly.

  Probably because there are too many people asking the same question, Wang Aidong has a "summary" answer: "I have a fear and afraid, I am afraid that I will not be saved, I am afraid that I can’t help it, I am afraid that my teammates are dangerous; Revelling the thrilling, the risk challenge in the rescue, I feel afraid. "" Is Boker not afraid of cold? "" Is Boker not afraid of heat? "Every time I walked through the rescue team duty room, 10 years old Yan Siyu is curious Ask your mother Wu Qiong, childhood question, full of simpler care.

  13 years ago, Wu Qiong ‘s big daughter Yan Siqi accidentally falls water, it is Wang Ai Dongyi without retro jumping into the water to save her, and the child has gone to breathe, Wang Ai Dong helps, picking up her, rushing to the hospital … Yan Siqi finally saved, but Wang Aidong was taken to hospital emergency treatment.

  In order to avoid afraid of fear and afraid, let the next rescue will not regret, Wang Ai Dong Ji Night. "I really dream, I want to do good rescue." Wang Aidong said, while she took the "life rescue extension" on the cabinet, this is what he invented in the dream. "I saw someone falling water, I can’t hate Your own hand can grasp him, so I am named extended hands, it can help fall the water to take out the water and breathe, and win the time for further rescue.

"Wang Aidong, who loves to move the brain," Take the drum to get drums ", and developed 12 rescue tools, which have 5 national patents, and 7 are in the application.

  Goodwelly has a temperature, and love can be contagious. When the child, the parents have asked Wang Aidong to read the old three articles – "Serving the people" "Commemorate Bai Junne", "Yugong Mountain", will be kind, selfless and loveng in his bone marrow.

In 1974, Wang Aidong participated in the army. After the eight years, the military experience in his bones, brave and self-satisfied. In the past few years, Wang Aidong has been busy, and for his family, his heart is full of owes.

The parents who have been anxious in the rescue of outdoor, never complained him, they knew that their son was saving people. Wang Aidong has already recognized the seven children of himself. It can be seen that Wang Aidong, who has not met, but the consciousness and respects, this is a person who is sincerely admired by another person. At the beginning of the rescue team, 4 players, a bamboo pole, two lifebukes, sunny day, a grass hat, rainy an umbrella, no rescue equipment, no duty.

The love calls more people, just like Wang Aidong’s slogan "good temperature, love can be transmitted". Today, the rescue equipment of the rescue team has been greatly changed – worth more than 1 million yuan of equipment, more than 700,000 yuan from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties from all parties, there are still more than 400,000 yuan. " The volunteers have also developed from the initial 4 people to more than 30,000 people. Wang Aidong’s 42 family people are all volunteers, persuading the wife’s sure of his wife, also moving the river, became his hardship assistant.

Under the leadership of Wang Aidong, the Yellow River Rescue Team took the initiative to enter the school, enter the enterprise, enter the community, promote safety first aid knowledge, rescue skills, etc., and organize more than 7,200 volunteers, organize all kinds of publicity, training more than 560 games, received 30 10,000 people. National moral model, Jiangsu Province, the courage is the advanced molecule, Jiangsu good people, Jiangsu Province outstanding Communist Party members, Jiangsu Province’s most beautiful base part of the Communist Party … Honor is constantly incorporated, definitely with Wang Aidong, also tested him.

"Honor is the result of our joint efforts. It is a responsibility." This kind of answer is in the expectations of the reporter, but the reporter is clear from his face to the thousands of weights, very sincere . The winter sun is warm and sprinkled on the river. It reflects a small blackboard on the door. The temper of time has made a bit of the blackboard. This is the slogan written when Wang Aidong practiced. "One thousand sentences, not as good as action "Wang Aidong said:" My dream is very simple: everyone is a volunteer, all like a child, and there is a enthusiastic person everywhere.

"(This reporter Liu has been said."