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Gansu Music County develops labor industrial promotion

  Original title: Gansu Music County Development Labor Industry Promotion Employment Brand has been stable (labor brand promoting employment 2) People’s Daily reporter paying in recent years, Gansu Province, Zhangye City, Gansu Province, takes a number of measures to explore labor brands to promote employment: Registered brand trademarks, promote labor industry to standardized development; carry out free vocational skills training, improve labor skills level; multi-channel issued enterprise recruitment information, and provide legal services to workers. Today, Musico County has more than 80,000 yuan of labor force every year. At the end of last year, the county labor income is 100 million yuan.

  In the 1970s, Zhangye City, Gansu Province, the planning and construction of "Ten Tutang, Qiandi", in Chongshan Junling, ZTE, Water Conservancy; In the 1990s, a large number of folk music people went out to work, with the previous construction experience, in the construction of water conservancy projects Ganned the name. The people’s musicians have been working hard, hard work, skills and literary skills, and many construction companies are willing to hire them. In March 2010, the original People’s Lucky County Labor Office registered "Music Huski Bag" labor brand trademark, which went out of a labor economy.

Today, Musico County has more than 80,000 yuan of labor force every year. At the end of last year, the county labor income is 100 million yuan.

  Register the brand trademark to promote the regulation development "training plan to develop which course is prepared? How many people are expected to recruit?" Zhang Cai Guo is discussing the recruitment training program together.

Zhang Cai, 49-year-old, is currently the chairman of Jin Sunshine Construction Industry Corporation, Jinle County, and Dongzhai Village, Minlian Town, Music Music County.

  "Our dry projects are all interested in and guaranteed.

"Zhang Cai Guo said," Do not hesitate to work, never steal! "In 2003, a hydropower project in the northwest, some of the workers of the winning bidder could not stand bad weather in the desert, ran back to the hometown.

After getting the news, Zhang Cai’s country rushed to the scene to actively undertake the construction task. "The owner’s unit thinks we can’t do it.

I said to try it first, and I have more than stopping. "They have worked for more than a month, completed the project on schedule.

  Since then, with a hard technology and dedication attitude, Zhang Cai’s project has more and more projects, and the number of applicants has grown from the initial 27 people to more than 1,500, and the range of employers has gradually expanded from the village to the county. As a result, the music guys in the practice of Kenjan gradually won the market recognition. In 上海会所推荐网 recent years, the advantages of building, water conservancy and other industries have entered the construction, water conservancy, and promote the development of local labor industries to branding, specialization, standardization. "Previously, the people outside the people were mainly spontaneous, and they were generally disordered.

"Shujun, deputy director of the People’s Social Security Bureau of the People’s Social Security Bureau," Registered the ‘People Music Guardians "labor brand trademark, the county will develop the development of the labor economy as an important measure to increase farmers’ income, and continue to strengthen the output service.

"Expert comment]: In the early 1990s, a group of rural young people in River Music County went out to work, participated in water conservancy project construction, unveiled 上海品茶spa the development of labor economy, and gradually made a strong labor industry.

"People’s Huski guy" is a typical laborery brand, relying on the "belonging" to gather popularity and stand out in the market test.

Relying on skill, honesty and trustworthiness, the "People’s Hello Guys" The field of transportation is initially expanded from Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Tibet, etc., gradually expanded to Guangdong, Jiangsu, etc., the coverage is getting wider and wider.

  Organize free training convenient for fellow progress, "We have learned the relevant knowledge of three-phase electricity, now which classmates can tell the point?" In the Junjie Vocational Training Center of the People, the teacher Bai Xueyun is teaching, nearly 30 The farmers who came from the towns and towns of Music, listened 上海千花娱乐论坛 carefully, and did not make notes from time to time. Bai Xueyun was 53 years old. It took more than 30 years of electrician, and it is a power consultant for the local native stone plant. In October last year, he was hired as a primary electrician course lecturer by Junjie Vocational Training Center. "Go to now, there have been more than 200 apprentices, and I opened 5 training courses this year.

"He said that the training of training underlying theory here, but more emphasizes the teaching of actual operation skills." For example, how the mixer, the line is connected, the transformer fault recognition, etc. "In the training center, there are 12 lecturers like Bai Xueyun." We set up in September 2017, there is a standardized teaching venue such as theoretical teaching room, training room, has carried out various types of nursery, electrician, welder. More than 40 years of training, more than 2,000 participants, the training qualification rate is 89%. "The person in charge of the training center said that after the training is completed, the qualified students will issue training and business certificates.

  Don’t underestimate this certificate, with it, salary can increase significantly. In the classroom, the villagers in Baimiaun Village, Fengle Town, were close to the blackboard. "My husband is a primary certificate for steel telecommunications here. It turned out that the money was 320 yuan. After getting a certificate, it became 450 yuan.

Xue Qiulian said, she wants to test an electrician qualification certificate, because electrician is not only a high salary, the work is relatively easy. There are 21 people in Music, similar training institutions. Shujun introduced, local reliance, "People’s Legama guys" labor brands, guide training Institutions and employer docking, targeted design training programs, and enhance students’ skill level.

On the other hand, the training institution will "move" to the field, the construction site, and facilitate the renovation of migrant workers with demand. "Participate in training, the fellows don’t have to spend a penny." Zhang Zhiqing told reporters that students from the townships around the township, a donkey lunch; distance, accommodation. Related fees shall be based on the trainee ratio and training institutions. This is also one of the measures to improve the training quality of training institutions.

  According to reports, as of 2020, Music County launched labor brand training more than 3,000 times, and the total training of labor is 10,000, and most of the participants have realized employment in buildings, housekeeping industries, which greatly improves the level of urban and rural workforce in the county.

  [Expert Review]: Another distinctive development experience in the "People’s Levan Guy" is in the development of the brand. When the labor output has a certain visibility and influence, Music Music is relying on the building, water conservancy and other industries, registered "People’s Huski Bag" labor brand trademark, and began to walk in the brand occupation market, increase the labor road of revenue. After creating a brand to achieve standardized operation, the "Music Huski" is based on the labor inspection and cooperation agreement, strengthens the cooperation with the employment enterprises and progenitor, and the organizationality of labor output is strengthened.

  Release recruitment information provides legal services "" Hebi pressure, welding workers, hourly salary 18 to 23 yuan, meal 30 yuan per day, free hostel. "

"Open Han Xingguo’s circle of friends, a large part is a recruitment information. He is the general manager of the Gansu Huayu Human Resources Service Co., Ltd., and is the head of the Human Resources Market of the People’s Lemun County.

  In order to recruit, the Han Xing country has established a partnership with 21 training institutions; on the other hand, the employment market is visited. "As long as we recommend employment, we have seen it at the scene.

"Han Xingguo said that these companies have recommended through local Gansu Chamber of Commerce, and some have passed the folk music boss, the engineering team introduced." In short, we must know the roots, prevent workers from being deceived. "Since the beginning of this year, Han Xingguo recommended that migrant workers have been more than 3,000 employment.

  In addition to the intermediary such as Han Xing, more and more workers who have walked in the early years returned to their hometown, led more "Musicao guys" to go out.

Two groups of Qing Song Village, Shuhua Town are one of them. "I went to Xinjiang Changji, Aksu and other places in 2000, and did near 20 years of template workers. Before the National Day, Zhang Wenzheng entrusted back to the old family," now has more than 10 people are willing to go with me. " "Shu Jun said that through the registered WeChat public number, establishing a three-level network group in the county towns, promoting the transfer of employment in the online recruitment fair.

"172 administrative villages in the county, all established the labor information group mainly based on the county labor office, the town level business, and the village cadres, ensuring that the recruitment information is sent to the masses in time." The Human Resources Market in Mermum County has established a joint Trade Unions, conduct legal services such as labor contracts, laws and regulations, and rights protection knowledge.

"We will tell the contact information to every worker introduced, reminding them that they have encountered difficulties, let the folks understand the workers, let the company do the lawmanship.

"Han Xingguo said. Last year, Zhou Jun, who worked in a car parts plant in Jiangsu, causing the hand disability due to improper operating equipment.

After contacting the trade union, Han Xingge rapidly helped Zhou Jun to identify work injuries, and sent a legal counseling and corporate consultation, and finally made the company’s medical expenses, rehabilitation fees, nutrition fees and other fees. Today, "Music Huski" not only spreads the country, but also out of the country, and play "Yanggong". "As of now, nearly 600 people have been in Central Asia, Africa and other local workers, with an average annual income of more than 150,000 yuan.

"Shujun said.

  [Expert Review]: In the context of economic structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, the "People’s Huski guy" keeps with market demand, through custom training, continuously improve the skill level of the workers and enhances the gold content of the brand.

"Music Huski" has a good reference significance for developing labor brands and promoting employment.

  (Review experts, Wang Hao, Vice President of China Employment Promotion Association, People’s Daily reporter Li Xinping’s interviews).